Thursday, April 14, 2011


"But what do you eat if you don't eat meat?"

Everything else!

This blog was borne of being asked what on earth vegetarians can eat everyday. By keeping a sort of online food diary and posting some of the recipes described, I hope I can provide an answer to that question, whether its asked by meat-eaters, vegetarians or those who are as yet undecided.

I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on organic quail's eggs, or the time to spend making my own stock every day, but I do like to have foods that make me feel both full and healthy, and the more diversity in a week's meals, the better!

This blog is intended to act as inspiration for anyone who's looked in the fridge and wondered what they can pair with the tofu and carrots this time; vegetarian or not, we all tend to get stuck in food ruts, and sometimes we need a little push to exercise our creativity.

This is also intended to provide inspiration for myself, as with the internet breathing down my neck I'll be less tempted to throw together a crap lettuce sandwich and more inclined to turn those lentils into something new and exciting.

I don't claim to have written these recipes, unless where specifically stated, and I very much encourage you to play around with them, as I have, to suit your own tastes. Where possible, I'll link to the original recipe, but if you find your own recipe within these pages do let me know and I'll give you the well-deserved credit!

Happy eating!


  1. Great idea Heather, I love it :)
    I'm going to try some of them soon, especially the spring rolls, they look awesome!
    clement offered me heaps of cooking books for my birthday and I'm yet to try some recipe in there as well!

  2. great idear, astrid can compete with you

  3. Hehe, yes she can! She gave me a couple of recipes that will be featured on here soon :)

    And Astrid, I'm glad you like it! If you find any great recipes send them through and I can have you as a guest contributor, hehe!

  4. hehe :) that sounds fun! you should do the Charlotte cake that I made for you and Lou and then for Clare's birthday, I'll send you the recipe soon! ;) xxx