Thursday, June 2, 2011

What the hell do you want?

Hello out there! How's it going?

In case you're vaguely new to The Everyday Vegetarian, this blog is intended to give inspiration and encouragement to anyone who's meat-free or trying to cut out meat, and even those who are rabid carnivores but are interested what a vegetarian diet might look like. By posting my 3 meals every day, I hope that I'll show that a vegetarian diet can be healthy, balanced and fun, as well as expanding your food horizons a little!

In that spirit, let me know what you want! I've had a couple of requests and have posted what are hopefully helpful recipes, so if there's something you're craving to make but can't find a good recipe, let me know and I'll post one right here!

Any feedback on recipes is also happily received - have you, like Tom Anderson, had a problem by going overboard with the breadcrumbs in Hana's Tofu balls or did you find the hummus a little too hummusy? Let us know! I have been trying to include more vegan recipes and I'll be posting some gluten-free ones soon enough too.

Thanks for all the support so far, you've all been awesome. Remember that all these recipes are made in a fairly sparse kitchen with not much budget - we don't have a microwave, not even a toaster, and we don't buy $10 jam made from foreign objects. 

If I can make these meals, anyone can!

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