Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cherry and ricotta crepes

Brunch: Cherry and ricotta crepes and ricotta and home-made blackberry jam crepes

Dinner: Soba noodle stir fry with hoisin vegetables

Snacks: Pomegranate, oranges and too much cake

After staying at Aktief in the Czech Republic, we decided to pop over into Poland for breakfast - an action that was deemed "very decadent" by our hosts. Having found a restaurant that would open for us to eat, attempted to communicate in about 4 different languages with the owner and quite frankly shocked the lovely man by demanding that 'nechni maso" (we don't want meat) we feasted on cheese perogies, ricotta crepes and apple crepes with the most wicked coffee. The owner was also keen to tell us that his daughter lived in England:


I spiced things up a little bit when I tried to remake his brunch banquet by adding cherries to the crepes and it was a great addition. For the batter, make sure it's very thin, and you'll want to use about a ladle-full for each crepe.

You'll need
(feeds 2)
300ml milk
1 large egg
100g plain flour
a big handful of cherries, sliced
1 tbsp butter, melted
about 100-150g light ricotta
Beat the egg in a jug
Whisk in the flour and milk a bit at a time, making sure there are no flour lumps
Add the melted butter and whisk thoroughly. It should be thin but still hold a little
Put the frying pan onto a medium heat for a few minutes
Add a knob of butter and keep it on about 3/4 full heat
With some kitchen towel, make sure the whole pan is coated in the melted butter
Take the pan off the heat and pour about a ladel full of batter into it. Swirl it around the pan so the batter coats the bottom
Put it back onto the heat and flip with it moves around freely and bubbles are forming
Cook for about the same amount of time on this side
Slide the crepe onto a plate and start again with the next crepe
While the next one is cooking, lay some slices cherries on half of the crepe, and then a layer of ricotta - as thick as you like!
Fold the other half over this layered part, and then fold the whole thing is half again. It should look like the photo above.
Keep the crepes going in the hot pan til all the batter is gone / your friends are full

These are quite filling so are great for a brunch, especially served with some fruit iced tea and some actual fruit.

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