Monday, July 11, 2011

The Cupboard is Bare Omelette

(from an excellent day in the Czech Republic)

Breakfast: Yet more yogurt

Lunch: Manatee bread with a whole load of cheese and unclassified salads

Dinner: The absolute Cupboard is Bare Omelette (with sun-dried tomatoes and green olives) with some fantastic local beer.

Having visited the beautiful Teplice Rocks in East Bohemia, Claire, Zoe and I had driven north and were looking for a place to stay the night. We were underwhelmed with the choice of relatively expensive, musty hotels full of 70s decor and were incredibly lucky to stumble on Aktief, a campsite and converted barnhouse run by the lovely Albert and his wife - and Albert himself turned out to be the former flying instructor to the Dutch royal family!

Despite being bewildered as to how we'd found them (sitting, as they did, 400m from the Polish border and hidden apart from a small sign) Albert and Mrs Albert were incredibly nice to us, giving us a whole apartment to ourselves for hardly any money, and bringing us local beers for free. The only problem was that we'd got no food, and apparently in the Czech countryside everything closes at 5pm.

Using some eggs bought from Albert and the remnants of our lunch in the car, we threw together this surprisingly tasty omelette - which I hope goes to show that no matter how bare the cupboard is, there is always something to be made if you get inventive!

You'll need
(feeds 2)
4 eggs
as many sun-dried tomatoes as you can muster
as many green olives as you can muster
black pepper
Chop the olives and tomatoes roughly and throw them into a frying pan for a minute or so - with a little oil if you have any
Beat the eggs together
Pour the eggs into the frying pan
Keep the pan on a low heat until the top of the omelette is becoming firm
Cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes to cook the top
Serve folded with any extra olives on the side, and season with black pepper
Enjoy this with local, micro-brewed beer overlooking the sunset over the hills, and you'll feel like you just had a Roman banquet. We could not have been happier.

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