Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vegan transition week day 4: Lunch

Ah, lunch. For a lot of us, the most bothersome meal of the day. Though breakfast can be uninspired and rushed, lunch can be difficult; by that time of day we're often hungry and need some sustenance, but due to laziness or a lack of options we end up getting a boring Subway sandwich or the four lettuce leaves scattered with tomatoes that we could be bothered to throw together last night. Not the best.

I get around this by either making something the night before, using some leftovers in a wicked salad or making a quick meal in the morning - making sure that every one has enough good stuff in it to leave me satisfied for the rest of the day!

Below are ten of my favourite lunch recipes to get you started on your first vegan lunches.

1. Black bean burritos
Beans and brown rice are a great source of whole protein, and these burritos make a great meal as they can be made the day before and eaten hot or cold!
2. Jamaican pumpkin soup
Soup is the ultimate lunch food. You can make loads of it in advance, and in winter especially, it gives you enough warmth and deliciousness to get through the rest of the day!
3. Beet soup
Another one to make in advance, this soup is fantastic thanks to multitude of nutrients that beets bring along: potassium, Vitamin C and magnesium to name just a few! (Ignore the feta on this one!)
4. Spinach and mushroom frittata
A great recipe to make if you have a little time for lunch, this can help if you're craving that eggy texture and taste!
5. South American quinoa salad
The avocados in this salad are full of the good fats, and when combined with quinoa, beans and cashews, make for an incredibly nutritious and tasty lunch meal!

6. Black bean and brown rice soup
Gluten-free, easy on troubled stomachs and almost pure awesomeness, this soup is perfect for cold days and has enough energy to carry you through til dinner.
7. Quinoa stir fry with kale, chili and nuts
This is another make-the-night-before lunch, and an insanely healthy one thanks to the quinoa and the kale - which contains many nutrients as well as potent anti-cancer chemicals!
8. Faux cream of mushroom soup
Cream of mushroom soup is one of the classics that it's easy to miss when you go vegan. Coconut milk makes this soup vegan-friendly and also full of good fats!
9. Mediterranean chickpeas with cous cous
Sometimes there's a lunch emergency: we wake up, no time, no change to buy lunch. This is a 5-minute rescue meal that's delicious and full of goodness too!
10. Chana masala
Make a huge batch of curry; freeze it; take out when needed. This lunch could not be easier, and with such a gorgeous range of spices it's great for staving off that winter cold.

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