Friday, January 6, 2012

Vegan transition week day 6: Snacks and treats

One of the biggest myths about veganism is that vegans are necessarily super healthy. Most people think we can't eat chocolate or cupcakes or brownies or anything approaching tasty. This is just simply not true.

I have always been a massive sweet tooth, and one of Putin's biggest issues in going vegan was getting a steady supply of treats to keep him coasting on a sugar high after a big bike ride. Thankfully, vegan treats are not only delicious (and in the case of cupcakes, more moist and lovely than their non-vegan rivals) but are in most cases incredibly easy to make too!

If going vegan was part of a push to be more healthy, then I applaud you for that and encourage you in every way. However, remember that moderation in all things is the most healthy way, and that includes moderation itself. Indulge yourself when you need to with one of these ten awesome snack ideas - and as many of them are sugar-free, you needn't feel so bad!

1. Chocolate and beet cupcakes
My all time favourite chocolate cupcake, this recipe marries the superpower of beets with the greatness of chocolate - and doesn't even taste like beets!
2. Ginger and orange cookies
One of my pet hates is the fake flavouring that ruins most of our food these days. These cookies are made with fresh ginger and real orange juice for a zingy cookie that will blow your mind - and the molasses in them is a great source of iron!
3. Cherry scones
These are a real favourite of mine as they remind me of days when I used to drive to Asda just to pick up a bag of cherry scones. You won't even know they're vegan!
4. Sugar- free sweet potato brownies
For the more sugar-conscious among us, these sweet potato brownies retain all the fudginess and taste of full fat brownies without the sugar. Use macadamia oil for a treat to die for!
5. Raw vegan apple crumble squares
If, like me, you grew up on apple crumble and custard, you'll love these crumble squares. They're also sugar-free, using dates and the sweetness of the apples instead of sugar, and they're completely delicious.

6. Raw vegan date squares
Another sugar-free recipe, these squares are full of energy and harness the amazing nutritional qualities of flax, so you don't have to feel at all guilty eating them. They're also great if you're having trouble staying "regular" (ahem)!
7. Hot spiced almond milk
When I'm super sick I long for the days of purple Calpol (loved that stuff) and hot milk when I was a kid. This is a great comforting drink if you're feeling not so wonderful!
8. PB&J smoothie
Peanut butter and jam are as North American as guns and hockey, and a lot of kids I know grew up on PB&J sandwiches. This recipe gives that great combination in smoothie form - great after a workout!
9. Tropicake bars
Oh my days, I felt like Dr. Frankenstein when I created these. Sure, they're delicious, but they're almost too awesome. I think my inability to not eat these will be my downfall...but it'll be one tasty downfall!
10. Putin's Delight: raw vegan almond butter bars
Invented for the aforementioned Putin, these bars are so moreish it should be illegal. Hitting the chocolate, sugar and nut butter needs all in one go, these are great to have on hand in a treat emergency!

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  1. Wow!! Sounds really yummy. Thanks for sharing.

    Lets have some fun. Take the test Your Snacks Personality and find out which of these snacks do you prefer? I have taken the test and enjoyed a lot. Hope you too will enjoy it. Have Fun!!