Tuesday, August 9, 2011

PB&J Smoothie

Breakfast: PB&J Smoothie

Lunch: Chickpea, avocado, spinach and almond salad

Dinner: Bruschetta with garden salad and lots of sangria

If you're North America, PB&J needs no introduction. To us Brits, though, the whole concept is a bit vague.

The PB&J (or peanut butter and jelly) sandwich is as integral to an American childhood as baseball practice and the Simpsons (ok, I'm not American). However, they're not exactly healthy, so if you can make a smoothie that tastes just like it but does you good, why the hell wouldn't you?

When Tom Anderson asked me to post some interesting smoothie ideas, this one jumped into my head right away. I used to work in a smoothie store and the fact that we put peanut butter in the smoothies gave me some sort of amazing revelation - peanut butter is actually good for you! The stuff made ONLY from peanuts (not that Kraft shit that's full of filler and soy) is full of good fats, fiber, vitamin b3 and protein, which leads to many people drinking peanut butter smoothies after workouts to help muscle repair. This recipe is a really great one for a breakfast smoothie, or an after-workout one.

Before anyone who knows me worries that I might have lapsed into some sort of coma, don't worry: by jelly they don't mean jello - they mean jam.

You'll need
(Feeds 1)
1 cup vanilla almond milk
1 tbsp plain / vanilla yogurt
1 tbsp honey
4-6 large strawberries
1 small frozen banana
1 heaped tbsp 100% peanut butter (not that Kraft rubbish)
Some ice

Blend everything together

Once you've gone PB, you'll never go back.

Fun fact: Peanut butter can be used in mouse traps! But of course, the humane ones that cage them so you can set them free. Don't chop mice in half, please.

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