Monday, August 1, 2011

A quick thank you!

Hello there readers! How are you? It's been so long since we chatted. How's the cat?

I've been overwhelmed with positive feedback since starting this blog, and it's about time that I said thank you to everyone out there. I've been delighted to hear from people all over the world, from Mexico to Copenhagen and from Australia right across to the US. Your comments are greatly appreciated and your suggestions or requests are very much encouraged! These days you can get me as

Some of you might have had troubles posting comments; that has been fixed now (thank you, Blogger!) and commenting is now open to all, so please, comment away!

If you're a new reader, here's a bit of background: the Everyday Veggie began as a way to give encouragement and inspiration to anyone who's ever wanted to try a meat-free meal, whether that's a hardcore vegan or simply a veggie-curious carnivore. By posting my three meals a day and including the recipe for one of them, I'm hoping to answer that age-old question: "What the hell do vegetarians eat every day?"

In running this blog I've been expanding my own horizons too, and have incorporated a lot more vegan food into my diet. This might run into full-time veganism in the future, but we'll see. The support I've had from the vegan community has been fantastic, so thanks to all for that!

As ever, it's important to note that all the food made on this blog is made in a teeny little kitchen on a tight budget. I buy cherries that are going out of date and make cherry jam; I don't spend $20 on superfood chocolate bars for kicks (alright, just that one time). I've had no formal training beyond a day course in Bangkok, and I get in a mood when I get something wrong; in other words, I'm just the same as you guys, and if I can make these recipes, so can you!

Thanks once again and here's no many more delicious recipes to come. Vive la veggie!

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