Sunday, September 11, 2011

Featured product: Nud Fud

Breakfast: A vegan brownie (don't judge me) and some wicked coffee from Bisogno

Lunch: An Indian feast, a Sweets From the Earth cupcake and some Nud Fud Green Energy Snacks from the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival

Dinner: Too much buffet at Frankie Tomatto's. And that's how they spell it, not how I spell it.

I don't usually do this on this blog, but I was so impressed by this product that I had to do a post about it.

Yesterday I went down to the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival by the Harbourfront. It was a gorgeous day, everyone down there was ridiculously happy and friendly, and the amount of amazing veggie food down there was beyond impressive. We had some great Indian food, some Sweets From the Earth treats that never disappoint, and chatted to some lovely people.

Most impressive to me though was the little company run by a young holistic nutritionist that we stumbled upon. Nud Fud (pronounced Nude Food) produce organic, raw, vegan and gluten-free snacks that are also very good for you, and when chatting to the owner of the company, it was easy to see how passionate she was about her products.

We tried a few flavours, including the vanilla chai, but my favourite was the Green Energy, made of dehydrated coconut, banana, sesame seeds and spirulina. That I preferred the green snacks over the others is impressive for two reasons: 1) I LOVE chai flavoured things, and 2) anyone who can make spirulina appetizing is a genius.

Spirulina is made from algae, and is quite amazingly good for you, being a whole protein and containing loads of good things including potassium, iron, calcium and zinc. We used to put it into smoothies at my old job, and even then, it didn't taste good.

I've already eaten the whole bag that we bought, and I'm thinking of going back today to get some more. Nud Fud products are already being sold at St Lawrence market, but do yourself a favour and get down to the festival today and try some yourself.


  1. Thank you kindly for your post! :) I too like the products but am a bit biased ;)

  2. I saw them on Dragons Den and was hoping it was for sale somewhere online. My daughter is vegan and I would love to get one of everything they have for stocking stuffers for her for xmas.Thought it would be good and glad to get some feedback. If I can find it I will buy it :). If you know of anywhere I can purchace online since I am way way north near Sault Saint Marie on. please email me :) Thanks

  3. Hey there! Thanks for commenting; you can buy Nud Fud products on their website, found here:

    I'll email this info to you as well. I highly recommend the Green Energy but you can't go wrong if you get one of each!!

  4. Who ever designed this web sight is a computer geek that is missing the boat.There is probably thousands of people in our position. We want to eat healthy and can, and would buy the product if we could find a location to purchase it.We wanted to contact you but for us your info is a dead end.We with our limited computer skills and little trusting of the net, do not know what any of the things under select profile mean.For this reason we will not click on any item but anonymus.Why not use plain english and put on your sight email us at .....for information.You will be very surprised how many people you will hear from that own computers but are not comfortable with computer language.They are the senoirs with money to purchase. There will be thousands.

  5. Hi there, I do not sell this product and the website to buy it on is listed above. You can also click where it says " Nud Fud Green Energy Snacks" at the top to be taken to that site.

    Good luck!

  6. jackie from SeattleJanuary 5, 2012 at 12:16 AM

    yeah, but the crackers are 8 dollars a bag and the shipping well how's 11 dollars sound. Totally rediculous. I'd like to try them but I'm not willing to pay 19 dollars for a small bag of crackers.

  7. Hello Jackie, nud fud does not currently ship to the USA (if you are in Seattle). Also, shipping is not $11, it is $6.50 if one orders three or more bags. Have a great day!