Friday, October 28, 2011

10,000 Thank Yous!

This is definitely a happy smile.

Right now I am completely flabbergasted. Today this blog reached 10,000 views. 

When I started this as part hobby blog, part inspiration station, part reason-to-cook-something-new, I never thought that it would mutate into this. 

At the time of writing we've inspired at least one person to become vegetarian (hi Astrid!) and had many comments on the recipes, including ones that people loved, ones that they had problems with, and ones that might be improved by adding a little coriander. Even my mum has tried some of the recipes and, I hope, has taken more of a healthy turn in her dining repertoire. Although she's probably still denying she enjoyed that curry once; we all saw you, it happened, admit it.

I love this feedback, and it's why I keep doing this. 

There are new improvements on the horizon; a website is being worked on, albeit slowly, so hopefully you'll be able to click just one thing for breakfast suggestions or something a little Mexicany. The wonderful Mr Bloomfield is writing ever more articles and keeping us nutritionally minded, and even Putin is coming up with the odd recipe or two!

You can find us on Facebook or Twitter, and please say hello on there - I love to hear suggestions and ideas!

As ever, please remember that all these recipes are made in a sparsely-stocked kitchen on a budget. We have only a little more disposable income than we have counter space, which is not a lot. We both work, and now we have a cat who takes up a lot of time with her insistence upon cuddles. Most of these meals take an hour or less, are scrumptious and nutritionally dense, and are made by someone with no formal training outside of Key Stage 3 cooking class. Everyone can cook good food if they want to!

The wider food blogging community is an inclusive, inspirational place, and I wanted to share some of my favourite sites with you, so here they are:

The home of Isa Chandra, co-author of such epic tomes as Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, this website not only looks funky but it's always inspirational and fun to read. I nicked Isa's cookie jar present idea for my friend Jackson lately and she loved it!

Sarah Kramer is probably the world's most stylish vegan. She's also got a vegan curio store in Victoria that I'm really hoping to visit next year on the Road Trip of Dreams. In the mean time, I'll have to content myself with this website and her great book How It All Vegan. 

Since finding out that my lovely friend Hilary could not tolerate gluten, this website has been my bible in creating treats that can be eaten by the gluten-free community. Shauna's advice about mixing flours has not been forgotten and hopefully my gluten-free recipe tally will only grow and grow from now on!

This is another Toronto-based blog, and though it's not vegetarian, their advice on making jams and other preserves really appeals to my growing sense of being a farmhouse housewife by the time I'm 30. I can make jams til the cows come home thanks to this site!

Absolutely nothing to do with food, but I love Space Raoul.

Kayla says thank you too!

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