Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bloomfield's Badass Foods: Introducing David!

David likes the good bread.

One of the biggest problems that vegetarians and vegans face is eating the right stuff.

In fact, scratch that; one of the biggest problems that people face is eating the right stuff.

That's right; it's not just us herbivores that can be lacking in the nutrition stakes. Although we may get probed by omnivores on our protein and iron intakes, the people asking the questions are often also missing something important in their diet, or focusing on the wrong thing - like the amount of protein they're consuming rather than the type.

There's a reason for this though. It can be difficult to decipher the mixed messages we receive regarding the  contents of food and not many people have the time to read through the myriad of conflicting studies on nutrition to figure out what's right. I know I certainly don't have the patience to (especially when the vast expanse of the Internet is a constant distraction).

With that in mind, the Everyday Veggie is stoked to introduce our very own nutritionist, David Bloomfield! David is a personal trainer and nutritionist based in Eastbourne, UK, and he's a great friend of the website, having moved to Australia on very flimsy advice from yours truly over a year ago. Not only is he amazingly passionate about good health (and bizarre internet videos), he's a great writer and one of those few people that knows how to balance health and happiness at the same time. Sure, he buys 12-grain bread and milks his own cow but he is partial to regular scoops of gelato too. He may have a mild addiction to banana milkshakes, but we let that slide.

David will be covering a range of topics on the site, and busting some ingrained myths about the foods we eat along the way. Watch out for his first post tomorrow, and if you've any questions for Mr. Bloomfield, post them here!

We're happy to have you, David!


  1. Im looking to get some energy into my diet as I want to start lifting weights. I live in a hot state so any advice regarding how I keep my energy levels up in the heat would be great!

  2. Hello Anon! I'm sure David will be able to give a much better answer than me, but have you tried this vegan nut butter smoothie? The almond and peanut butter give mad energy as well as heaps of protein for rebuilding those muscles. Of course, you can substitute the almond milk for real milk if you prefer!

  3. David "Badass Foods" BloomfieldOctober 2, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    Hello Anon and all others here at Everyday Veggie! You say you want energy and you are going to start lifting weights as well as living in a hot area. My advice would be to ditch the conventional big bowl of pasta, as this will most likely leave you feeling bloated, heavy and not really in the mood for weights! Also, in killer heat, who wants to chow down a ton of pasta?

    I would go for quality carbs before your workout, so a little snack pre-workout such as the one recommended by Hevs above is perfect! If thats not your cup of tea, try a mixed salad with a small amount of cheese as well as nuts and seeds mixed in. This will keep you feeling light before your workout whilst still delivering all those energy producing vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates to your body for pumping that iron! A salad might seem counter intuitive as a pre-workout snack but its just as efficient at giving you energy as a big rice or pasta smorgasbord!

    Oh, if you are more of a sweet person, try some rye bread with banana and peanut butter spread on top. That is a power food my friend! I will be writing an article about foods that you can use post-exercise as well, to recover and build so hopefully that should be up your street to! Keep alert and please ask any questions you like, I'm always keen to answer!

  4. I am a big fan of this infographic: